quinta-feira, julho 27, 2006

Morocco : Rhythms of Peace Festival

Line up:

Andromeda (Millenuim )
Atmos (Spiral Trax )
Atomic pulse (BNE )
Bizzare contact (Compact )
Bliss (Phantasm )
Chromosome (Millenuim )
Cpu (3D visions)
Crazy lions cult (Acidance)
Deeper in zen (Solar)
Dynamic (Phonokol)
Electro sun (translucent )
Fatali (BNE)
G.T.E (Rhythms of Peace )
Genetc syndrome ( Rhythms of peace)i
Grapes of Warth (Parvati )
Hyper frequencies (Mechanik Sound)
Highlight tribe (Kosmik Hoboes Prod)
Inner Action (3D visions)
Lamat (AP)
Mekkanika (Planet Ben)
Menog (Spectral Rec./Timecode/planet ben)
Mey on the Moon (Rhythms of Peace)
Naked tourist (Parvati)
Neuromotor (Acidance)
P.O.T.S (Tribal vision)
Parasense (Rhythms of Peace)
Psynema ( Vision 34)
Shift (Crystal Matrix)
Shotu (Hadra )
Silicon sound (Neurobiotic)
Sonorphil (Rhythms of peace)
Soul surfer (Millenuim )
Space tribe (Space Tribe Music)
Syntax Error (Parvati)
Tegma (Tribal Vision)
Vibrasphere (Digital Structures)
Visual Contact (Compact)
Visual Paradox (Compact) DJ sets :

Anti (Spiral Trax)
Shane Gobi (Alchemy)
John Phantasm (Phantasm)
Kristian (Antiworld/Psygate/Transient)
Ans (Nano)
Emok (Iboga)
Bogg (compact)
Slater (Tribal Vision)
Vlado (Pukka Music)
Moon (Rhythms of Peace)
Osho (echoes)
Kaa (exposure prod.)
Zefer (life festival)
Driss (Hadra)
Meko (Gaitech)
ToTo (World People)
Deo (Trancekarma)
Fiuzz (sindar)
Dr Sam (3D vision)
Daox (Rhythms of Peace)
Chaka (Rhythms of Peace)
Thales (Rhythms of Peace)
Green (Rhythms of Peace)
Redskin (Rhythms of Peace)
Miss tick
Alex (sixth sense/octopus)
Feio (XXXperience

Mais info:
Rhythms Of Peace


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